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Please Note: Please note that this site portrays the actual vision of the Synergy Schooling Approach and the Synergy School during the period 2004 - 2010. Robin then handed over the school to a group of parents to focus on his passion of supporting parents and teachers at an international level which can now be found at www.robinbooth.co.za. If you would like to contact Robin Booth, the founder of the Synergy Schooling Approach and school, then please click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Watch why Synergy Schooling started in the first place

Synergy Schooling is a progressive educational approach meeting the needs for what is currently lacking in education world wide. It is an appraoch that inspired the creation of the Synergy School in Cape Town, and has influenced other schools through out the world. This is the original site of the Synergy Schooling Approach and the Synegry School during the school's first 6 years of growth (2004-2010).

The Synergy Schooling Approach:

  • We accelerate children's academic and emotional intelligence.
  • Our teachers are trained as professional life coaches.
  • We facilitate strong relationships between children, parents and teachers.
  • We enhance parenting skills through our Effective Parenting Programs.
  • We are committed to advancing the quality of education through individualised learning.

Children, parents, and teachers at Synergy School form a deep and powerful experience of living and learning together. We nurture meaningful personal values and strengthen children's self-esteem, fundamental or leading meaningful, passionate, and productive lives.

kerri class

Pre-2 and 3 class: Thinking thumbs mean "I want to talk"

Through multi-sensory experiential learning we seek to develop the understanding, knowledge and life wisdom which children need to foster their individual talent and passion. We lead by example and focus on the quality of our relationships - thereby we nurture the life skills required to create synergies throughout our children's life.

With all teachers and co-teachers in training as Professional Life Coaches and committed to continued personal development, we do believe we are on the cutting edge of education development in the world!

Our curriculum and all our activities cater for all learning styles, seeking to ensure rich and meaningful learning for each child. We are active in exploring new content and methodology, seeking to always remain open to appropriate innovation and change.
At the same time Synergy School positions itself in a global context of educational development and aims to be a strategic pioneer of this approach.

Our school embodies the elements of real life. We are not about preparing for life, we are about living life. We do not prepare children for joining the workforce, but rather support them to achieve their own life goals which are set and directed by themselves and not governed by the expectations of others.

Synergy Soccer: We can. I can.

Synergy Soccer: We can. I can.