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The Emergent Curriculum

This form of the curriculum bridges the gap of a traditional, instructional programme with a more meaningful learner centered curriculum. This is what education institutions aspire to yet do not have the training or skills to implement such a programme.

The teacher is continuously aware of the different outcomes required by the National Curriculum yet can vary her lessons to go with the flow of the children’s passion while still linking to the curriculum requirements. In this way, the children are not only getting the National Curriculum, but their learning is meaningful and relevant to their current lives. The children feel part of the learning process as active co-creators of the curriculum (as their interests and passions are incorporated into what they do. They feel empowered, motivated and inspired.

From this space learning happens at a far deeper and more integrated level for children. They learn with a deeper understanding and with greater enthusiasm. This approach to the curriculum has been reviewed by University Deans, University Lecturers, School principals and teachers and has been applauded as far more useful and impacting than normal schooling.

See a quick and easy guide to how our Emergent Curriculum covers the National Requirements while still providing meaningful learning. This short document has made a big impact on our parents' understanding of why and what we do. A MUST read.